More Than IELTS

More Than IELTS

More than IELTS has been designed as a course book for full-length IELTS preparation course. It is equally appropriate as a self-study book for students wishing to acquire or improve their IELTS skills. The book is mostly appropriate

for learners seeking to enter an English-speaking university, college or school, because it focuses on Academic Module of IELTS. The book is targeted at students with at least Intermediate level of English. The main part of the book is divided into 5 parts: IELTS Overview, Listening,

Reading, Writing and Speaking to provide necessary information about IELTS and reflect the format of the test.

In IELTS Overview section, there is given detailed information on structure, duration of the exam, registration for the exam, score conversion and comparison of IELTS with TOEFL.

Listening & Reading sections consist of overview of respective test, tips for it, and focus on all major question types together with abundant practice materials.

Writing section can be actually divided into 2 parts: 1st part consists of overview of Writing test, tips for it, and focus on all kinds of diagrams separately with appropriate practice. 2nd part consists of step-by-step explanation of Task 2 together with guided practice.

Speaking section consists of overview of the test, tips for it, and focus on 3 Parts of Speaking test separately. Additionally, it provides useful language tools and numerous Speaking questions for practice.

An Answer key is provided in Appendices section of the book for Listening and Reading practice materials together with sample essays for the topics given in Writing section.