Pre-school education

““Kaspi”” Education Company has offered pre-school education courses under the name ““Kaspi” Kids” in Azerbaijani and Russian since 2007 and in English since 2018. ““Kaspi” Kids” courses are for children aged 4 through 6 and operate in ““Kaspi”” education centers in cities such as Baku, Sumgayit, Ganja and also in the Masazir settlement. For more information, click here.

““Kaspi”” Education Company has offered our citizens kindergarten education in five different locations in Baku under the name ““Kaspi”” Kindergarten since 2014. Our kindergartens provide education both in Azerbaijani and Russian. For more information, click here.

In addition to this, ““Kaspi”” International Kindergarten is another service by ““Kaspi”” Education Company based on the program and standards of International Preschool Curriculum. ““Kaspi”” International Kindergarten serves our citizens only in English. For more information, click here.