Kaspi Lyceums

“Kaspi” Lyceum has been operating since 2014 with its branch office in Bakikhanov of the Sabunchu district. Taking into account the positive experience of the “Kaspi” Lyceum and the demand for high quality education, “Kaspi” Education Company launched the White City branch of “Kaspi” Lyceum in 2015 in the Khatai district of Baku.
The “Kaspi” Lyceum Bakikhanov branch provides education in Azerbaijani for all levels and in Azerbaijani and Russian in the White City branch.
Although the “Kaspi” Lyceum has been operating for a short period of time, it has achieved a variety of educational and other activities over the recent period.
“Kaspi” Lyceum carries out the followings:
Teaching activities:
The main purpose of the school is to give our students an education based on national values that meet world standards. In this process, we know how important and responsible the selection of proper curriculum and teaching is. The “Kaspi” Lyceum is doing the following to achieve its goals:
  • Implementation of the curriculum coinciding with standards of Ministry of Education
  • Teaching foreign languages in accordance with international standards. Developing students’ English language skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening), preparing students for international certification exams (Cambridge ESOL, KET, PET, Starters, Movers, Flyers). Complete teaching of Speech and Grammar for 2nd to 11th grade students in Russian.
  • Organizing measurement and evaluation with the purpose of defining students 'knowledge, teaching additional lessons on the basic subjects to strengthen pupils' lessons and helping to do their homework
  • Managing students' educational activities through the “E-”Kaspi”” system and establishing a close relationship with their parents
  • Preparation for the national and international subjects and project Olympiads
  • Organization of domestic and foreign spring and summer schools in cooperation with various foreign schools
Social and sporting activities
““Kaspi”” Lyceums focus on sports and social activities as the main principle of "A healthy mind in a healthy body". The following steps are taken to reveal and develop the special talents of the students:
  • Teaching various sports (chess, gymnastics, capoeira, judo, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.) by teachers with relevant sports degrees.
  • Organizing activities for the discovery of special talents (dance, sculpture, music, painting, "National Heritage", "Bright Intelligence" clubs; art and crafts exhibitions; etc.).
  • Enriching students’ global outlook by organizing meetings with Azerbaijani scholars and public figures who share their life and experiences with them
  • Providing the students’ social development by organizing excursions to different historical and cultural places and holding various scientific and cultural competitions
Educational and psychological activities
Psychological and educational work with students is of great importance in shaping their individual personality, and bringing them up as decent citizens to our society, nation and state. Experienced psychologists work with teachers and parents alongside students.
  • Group workshops are held for different age groups
  • Individual psychological sessions are organized
10th to 11th grades are exciting, sensitive and at the same time a very responsible period of time both for school, students, and parents. Therefore, our school has developed a special curriculum and classes for 10th and 11th grades. This program covers our students' preparation for both local and foreign universities in the area of specialization they choose from the 10th grade 
  • Organizing daily, weekly, monthly quizzes and exams to determine the levels of preparation of the students in 10th and 11th grades
  • Extension of the daily routine in accordance with the educational requirements
  • Office Hours (Personal Training Methods)
  • Preparation for international exams (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT)
  • Organizing group seminars and individual sessions for psychological support
Achievements of “Kaspi” Lyceum for 2014-2017:
  • Participation in the Finals of several scientific and project Olympiads:
  • Infomatrix 2017 (Bucharest, Romania)
  • 4 Silver, 2 Bronze Medals at GENIUS 2017 (New York, USA)
  • Participation in the Semi-Final and Final rounds of the Republican Subject Olympiads
  • High scores on SAT and IELTS
Achievements in sports:
  • Winner of competitions in Sabunchu and Khatai districts held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Taking First, Second and Third places in the “Olympic Movement” sports competitions held by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • Earning degrees in chess and judo tournaments
  • Awarding two students with first place in the Drawing Competition on June 5 – The World Environment Day- organized by the United Nations Office in Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the IDEA Public Union.
The main reasons for the success of the “Kaspi” Lyceums are:
  • Successful cooperation of teachers, students and parents in teaching and learning
  • The educational process based on national and universal values and modern methods
  • A professional team of highly qualified teachers with highly professional teaching experience
  • A professional team of local and foreign teachers who can teach foreign languages with modern methods and techniques
  • Applying individual approaches to the students' potential

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