Kaspi Pre-School

“Kaspi” Kindergarten has been in operation since 2014. 
At present, “Kaspi” Education Company has “Kaspi” Kindergarten White City Branch, Bakikhanov Branch, Ahmadli Branch, Sumgayit and “Kaspi” International Kindergarten. The mission of the kindergarten is to lay the foundation of the future with high values and a healthy mind.
The kindergarten provides a creative and healthy competitive environment for the intellectual, physical, psychological, social, emotional and aesthetic development of children, where they are attracted to education, develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills, and get appropriate help in realizing their perceptions and life skills. 
Over the years, “Kaspi” Kids has implemented more than 20 different social projects and charitable events to help children become charitable. 
During these charitable events, children from thousands of low-income families, as well as children deprived of parental care, were given various gifts and entertaining programs.
All educational programs of the “Kaspi” Kindergarten are fully compliant with the requirements and regulations of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the progressive innovations of the global education systems which are widely used in the improvement of this program.
Teaching in the kindergarten is conducted in Azerbaijani, Russian and English sectors in the following areas:
  • Pre-school preparation for children aged 3-4 based on a 3-year curriculum
  • Pre-school preparation for children aged 4-5 based on a 2-year curriculum
  • School preparation for children aged 5-6 based on a year curriculum
Benefits of the “Kaspi” Kindergarten:
  • Physician supervision and a menu of natural products and fresh foods for the purpose of the healthy feeding of children
  • Highly organized security measures
  • Age appropriate subject lessons using modern literature and technology 
  • A caring, professional and responsible teaching staff selected with high sensitivity
  • Teachers, assistant teachers and caregivers providing individual attention to each child in the groups
  • Weekly teaching materials aimed at developing children's knowledge and skills
  • Organizing various hobby clubs to shape children's creativity, imagination and reveal their hidden talents
  • Organizing various handicraft, drawing contests, knowledge and skills competitions among children in kindergarten.
  • Trips and social projects to improve children's social development and global outlook
For more information:  http://www.kaspibagcasi.az


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